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How to carry out emergency repairs to a cracked caravan shower tray
When you can't replace your shower tray immediately, we show you how you can carry out an emergency repair.

When you first notice a crack appearing, check the flexibility of the shower tray; cracks can compromise the integrity of the structure and if the tray no longer feels solid, you may need to replace it. In the event of your caravan shower tray developing cracks, our advice would always be to replace the tray. At BEC Ingoldmells we carry a large selection of replacement shower skins for a variety of static caravan models. These offer an easy solution that does not require the removal of the existing tray or the shower walls; the shower skin is bonded on to the damaged tray before being sealed to the wall. Many people will hire a plumber to carry this out and we are able to provide details of reputable tradespeople in our local area who can help you with this. Please contact us if you would like further details.

We realise that sometimes an emergency repair can help you out until you can have a new shower tray or shower skin fitted and these handy tips will show you how to carry out a temporary fix.

Once you have seen a crack, clean the shower tray thoroughly to remove any build-up of grease and soap; one cause of cracking can be cleaning agents so it is recommended not to use bleach on the shower tray. Finish by drying the tray well. If the crack is uneven and could be a risk to bare feet, or if it has developed beyond a crack and there is a hole, you will now need to seal the area so no more damage can occur. Our range of sealants includes a general-purpose silicone sealant which contains a fungicide to prevent mould growth as well as an acrylic based flexible filler that can be painted over. Leave the sealant to set and dry completely before sanding it down to a smooth finish; at this point, the tray will be sufficiently repaired for you to use it.

If you notice cracks beginning to appear in your caravan’s shower tray, don’t despair. As a family-owned business with over 40 years’ experience, we have a network of reputable and reliable tradespeople who are able to support the needs of our holidaymakers. Our shops and warehouse stock a wide range of accessories and spares to help you or your appointed maintenance engineer to carry out any repairs, large or small, and our friendly staff is always happy to help. Our opening times can be found here.