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5 ways to spruce up your caravan easily
There are lots of ways to breathe fresh life into your caravan and they won’t cost a fortune.

Is your caravan in need of a facelift? Could it do with a bit of a spruce up? Or have you recently acquired a pre-loved model that you want to stamp your mark on? This guide looks at 5 easy ways to freshen up your home from home, without breaking the bank!

1 Clean the caravan and declutter

It may seem obvious, but cleaning the interior and exterior of your caravan will really lift your spirits and help you see the things you want to concentrate on much more clearly. Read our article ‘Caravan spring cleaning essentials’ to get you started and you may realise that once cleaned thoroughly, that seating area doesn’t need a complete reupholstery job after all!

More so even than in our bricks and mortar homes, clutter in a small caravan can soon become stifling and lend a gloomy air to the space. Accumulated clutter needs to go, so be ruthless in your decluttering; as William Morris said, ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’.

2 Seating

Soft seating can be replaced or re-covered. If you have the sewing skills to do it yourself, a simple re-covering project will not take long and the choice of fabrics is so vast, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes and your wallet. Removable covers are a great option as they can be washed and replaced easily and can also be stored away when you over-winter your caravan. Replacing the seating in your caravan will require more work and your choice will depend on the condition of the original seating, and your budget. Another, more adventurous option is to remove fixed-seating completely in a static caravan and replace with standalone settees and chairs.

3 Window dressings and soft furnishings

A simple change such as swapping curtains for blinds or vice versa can completely transform the interior of your caravan and is an easy way to co-ordinate your décor. If you want a bohemian, relaxed look, consider big bold prints in vibrant colours. Alternatively, for a more contemporary look, consider sleek fitted venetian blinds.

When it comes to soft furnishings, they are a quick, easy and cost-effective way to breathe fresh life into your caravan. Scatter cushions will soften the line of fixed seating and add a sense of comfort and don’t forget those personal touches like bunting in the kitchen area, or fairy lights strung across the windows. If you have chosen not to re-cover the seating, a luxurious throw blanket will help to create a proper bolthole where you can unwind in style.

4 Flooring

Flooring, particularly in older model caravans, can be well-used and is an area that will not age well. Old, damaged flooring can ruin the whole interior of your caravan but can be changed relatively easily and cheaply to transform the entire interior. Replace old carpet with fresh lino or cushion flooring, adding a rug for extra insulation and to bring a touch of luxury underfoot and perhaps a splash of colour. If you do prefer carpet, however, check out carpet retailers who will often have end of roll off-cuts that will be large enough for a caravan floor – an easy way to get a premium quality floor covering at a fraction of the usual cost.

5 Update your kitchen accessories

At home, when you want to spruce up a room without going to the expense and effort of completely redecorating, the addition of new, key pieces and accessories can make it feel completely refreshed. Your caravan kitchen can be treated in exactly the same way and can easily feel updated with a few easy fixes. New tableware will instantly update your eating area, giving it a co-ordinated look, and other small, inexpensive touches can include new cooking pans or even a fresh doormat and rubbish bin. Updating your appliances will also breathe new life into your kitchen, from something simple like a new kettle or toasterto a new fridge or fridge/freezer. If your sink has seen better days too, simply replace it and add a smart mixer tap.

Your caravan should reflect your personality and as it isn’t necessarily your main home, you can let your creative juices flow freely. Remember with static caravans, to inform your insurers of any modifications that may great affect value and also to check that any changes do not invalidate any warranties you may have.